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Chinese tourists set to return to Chiang Mai in July, tourism chief predicts

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1 hour ago, smudger1951 said:


Yes, I could not obtain the medical certificate required in March here in UK. Will the requirements for the wonderfull ? Chinese be more lenient. 


you guys keep remarking how the thai government will make special rules for the chinese.  maybe they will if they want to jump-start tourism, but they don't have to. 


the chinesers CAN get covid certificates.  our local small town hainan general hospital has testing with certificates available for the equivalent of 1000 baht.  and if the thai government insists on insurance with a special covid-19 rider, then winnie the xi-pooh-bah can just article 44 it into existence.


not a problem, hardly an inconvenience.

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Its like welcoming your assassin to your own funeral how bizarre the baht can make you🤔 

What can one even say? Tourism is not returning to Thailand anytime soon. If you think about it, the group that comprised perhaps 60% of all arrivals (lower to middle income Chinese and Indians) are t

we are saved! 

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2 minutes ago, ChouDoufu said:

not a problem, hardly an inconvenience

OMG, your name really stinks!!!  lol


Mr. Wuhan, yes, sure, the virus came from those farang countries, of course.  please, make yourself at home.


don't worry, we loved the inconvenience with your lab outbreak....errrr...i mean, don't worry, we will ban the farangs for you if they say anything bad about the great wall.  

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2 hours ago, BritManToo said:

Just get one from a Thai doctor and ask them to leave the date blank.

Wish it were that easy. Must be from the country of origin. And impossible to get in the US. Hopefully, things will simmer down in the US and Europe sometime soon, and Thailand will not require it in the near future. 

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3 minutes ago, SiSePuede419 said:

So what?


Politicians all over the world have waved their magic wands and said this lockdown is over.


Despite rising death rates in some locations. 🤡

and ?


Its not about the death rates. Thailand doesn't have a high death rates. The points is the world has other problems and doesn't care about Thailand. This article is about Thailand and not the some death rate.


The OP was about Chiang Mai that Chinese want to come again to Thailand. They will not come or maybe on 1 Dollar tours.

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15 minutes ago, pineapple01 said:

To anyone with a Brain it is. Imagine if You were a Chinese Tourist would you go wandering into anther Country and expect a welcome.

Why not ?

As far as I know China has rather well managed/contained the epidemic in the country, with the few new cases being now people coming back from abroad;

So probably less risky today to get Chinese tourists than tourists from Europe or USA...

and these tourists have nothing to do with the fact that this virus first appeared in China and the way China managed it.

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6 hours ago, Pattaya46 said:

Not 100% true.

Several example that I know for France an Italy were the virus arrived from local businessmen traveling abroad, China or other infected areas, or even from militaries.

Yes, the Western business men were in China on business, or in other cases, they had meetings in other countries with Chinese businessman, and the Chinese kindly gave them the virus to take back to Europe, so yeah, the virus was spread by Chinese to other spreaders.

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