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And my wife think that Cook-ing and Clea-ning are 2 cities in China...

Not black magic but Buddhism. For Buddhists,  animals are almost (or at least?) as important as people. Dead people are also brought to the temple for burning,  so why not do the same with animals and

In reality is it actually hurting you? Just let her get on with her beliefs and all will be peace and love. We read all the time about locals praying to (usually stillborn) deformed creatures for lott

That is not quite black magic, I don't think - - monks are mostly ok - but I assume you have other examples of things you don't like? Many religions have some sort of creepy aspects to me... but, you didn't know abt any of this before you got married? 

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repent sinner, and know that the hybrid animist-buddhist theory

has eclipsed modern physics in hacking time travel,

this is our best shot at getting information from the future,

which among other things can tell the upcoming lottery numbers

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Just now, Samui Bodoh said:

This is simply a case of Animism combining with Buddhism, and nothing really to worry about; it occurs all over the world on a regular basis with many religions.

Or old pagan rituals under a new guise IE The Christmas Tree. 


I do know of a family that went to a spirit whatever to contact a dead son and find out who killed him. Yep that still happens around here, more than you would know.  YUCK.

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1 hour ago, Crossy said:

Of course, if you find a familiar looking wax effigy with needles sticking out then all bets are off (I know that's Voodoo but I'll bet there's a local version).

Thai version,

Usually a cloth bag full of 'stuff' hidden in your pillow slip or under the mattress where you sleep.

The one I like least is the Bar girls (et al) adding menstrual blood to your drink to keep you coming back.

(finger themselves then dip finger in your drink when you're not looking, that belief is quite widespread) 

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