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Prachuap Immigration arrest Belgian for dangerous driving

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19 hours ago, Ranshoko said:

Non Thai's will will always be second class citizens.

Only if we could actually be citizens I could accept that.

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Yesterday, while I was on my scooter ( not a motorcycle OK ?  )  A police car comes out of a Soi without looking ( As everyone often do ! ) Whether there was someone else on the roads, I nearly crashed into them ! They didn’t even realise since they weren’t looking out at all or couldn’t give a damn better put.

Clearly they don’t know any better it doesn’t matter who’s driving here. People die every day as result of not looking who’s around them whilst driving (  Sleeping on the wheels actually ) Unable to drive in a straight line for a few hundred yards hence being distracted by their phones/TV and whomever they’ve got in their vehicles.

They always get away with a murder literally ! Sadly in this country whether is traffic law enforcement or else, they hardly ever pay the consequences of their actions since they’re biased defending and protecting always their own people. Unfair and unjust to say the least..

I really wonder how the Belgian gent was driving and what he did 🤔


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On 5/8/2020 at 9:44 AM, smedly said:

so immigration are now traffic cops lol


what powers of arrest do immigration have with regard to traffic law enforcement - this country gets weirder by the day



Perhaps he didn't have the correct visa for running a red light or double parking at 711? 

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