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I have a water leak. I have narrowed it down to one pipe but the pipe is either inside a wall or under a floor. The local plumber's solution is to start one end and cut a gradually lengthening hole until he finds it. I recall, many years ago, a plumber in Scotland using a listening device to pinpoint the leak before cutting into a floor to repair it. He was accurate within one foot.

I have asked around all the plumbing supply shops in Chiang Mai and the replies have varied from incomprehension to total disbelief that such a device exists.  I cannot find any relevant thread on TV nor any device in Lazada. Can any member suggest where I can find anything effective ?


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Try a length of plastic pipe,put it to your ear,

in the area you suspect the leak is,and you

should be able to narrow it down,

regards worgordie

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The MWA has leak detectors that just look like a long rod.


Try a long screwdriver and listen to the end. 


I think it has to be a pretty good leak to hear it though... 

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