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Help Phuket Today - Raising Funds to Feed Starving Families Who Have No Income Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. 350 Baht to Feed a Family for One Week. 1,400 Baht to Feed One Family for a Month. Please Please Help - These Families Are in a Desperate Situ

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The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that thousands of families in Phuket have lost 100% of their income - families that were already living hand to mouth.  Thai and migrant workers remain in their camps facing starvation as so many of them fall through the cracks of help provided by the government for various reasons.


We are a group of Thai and expat volunteers who have come together to...Read More


You can donate and support Help Phuket Today here:


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It would be nice to see the Thai government look after its people in a Time of need. Shouldn't be the foreigners. 

But kdos to those that are helping. Thumbs up to them👍

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