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Truth is a choice. It is a conscious decison. So is deception, and deflection. The ability to take some responsiblity for problems you have created is the mark of a real man and his integrity. 

People when commenting on the US, often say things like, if they ever got in a major conflict, they would destroy their enemy. I think not. The size of an armed force is only one consideration. If a nation can screw up it's response to Covid, like the US did, they could potentially lose a major war with North Korea or Iran, or even a lesser enemy. Disjointed, not unified, not organized and certainly not competent, would be a diplomatic way of describing modern day America. We look on with pity. Awe does not remotely come into the picture. 

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Let's cut Trump out of the equation for the time being.  The number one reason Americans as well as many other western nations have been suffering is due to the diet and the resulting obesity!  Now add in the aging population and you have your answer.


And let's get real about the China numbers.  Due to the severity of their outbreak and the longer period of time and even now a second outbreak they are the true leaders in infections, deaths and asymptomatic carriers (many to resume travel to thailand shortly).

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If it helps I think trump is an idiot- but that article is using absolute numbers rather than cases per capita- so I think it falls into the category of propaganda if not outright lies itself.  


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