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Busted: Police on Koh Samui raid "farang owned" beachside bar - 22 Thai and foreign patrons arrested

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12 minutes ago, smedly said:

since restaurants are allowed to open this was all about drinking alcohol 


from the picture - if they were observing distancing looks like they were forced into a tight group by police

Probably, twas so when I left BKK on 27th March.


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1 hour ago, steven100 said:

actually if it's a business registered as a bar then they were breaking the laws from the start as bars are not allowed to open as yet, restaurants are but bars are not, secondly they were selling alcohol which is forbidden anyway ....  so the french man is in deep sh_it 

"selling alcohol which is forbidden anyway " update pls.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, anchadian said:

Yes, they will severely punish the foreigners, the Thais maybe a B500 baht fine and a wai and a further B250 if they were not wearing a motorbike helmet.

...but how many farang earn 3XX Baht a day? (or less).

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