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Video: Female motorcycle lucky to escape injury after illegal U-turn maneuver

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The reason for the 80% FATALITY RATE for motorcycles is very clear .

These are the most idiotic U-turns to begin with.   What genius thought it was a good idea to U-turn into the fast lane on the other side to begin with?

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Not sure why this even made the news. Watched the video first and couldn't find anything wrong until I read the story. What I want to know is why did the pickup just sit there afterwards for so long.

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21 hours ago, VocalNeal said:

Seems like all the locals do it. Oh the pickup? Speed limit in towns is 80 kph unless posted as less.

There i believe it is 40 as most roads in and out of Trat are. It appears she crosses over and then drives on the wrong side of the road to the gas station.

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22 hours ago, Mattd said:

Got wonder what the difference is between a female motorcycle and a male motorcycle........................!!!

A female motorcycle is usually driven by a c---t

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On 5/11/2020 at 5:25 PM, Almer said:

The females normally wear a bra

You must be living the HiSo life. Where I am (Cleethorpes, England) the women don't bother, but the men need to.

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