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Crisis gives birth to new opportunity for van operator in Chiang Mai

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Crisis gives birth to new opportunity for van operator in Chiang Mai





A Chiang Mai van operator, who has been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis, has shifted to providing disinfection services in a bid to generate income.


Wichian Thongsuk, manager of JJ Travel Chiang Mai Co Ltd, said on Monday (May 11) that the Covid-19 outbreak has brought the company’s business to a standstill because it relies heavily on providing transportation services to foreign tourists.


“We usually rent vans or provide tours for tourists, 90 percent of whom are foreigners. The drivers normally earn about Bt20,000 to Bt30,000 per month,” he said. “However, with most of the customers vanishing due to the virus, the company’s dozen or so vans are left idle, while many drivers have decided to quit and return home to their provinces.


“So now the company is using its vans to provide disinfection services to people who want their home or workplace cleaned to prevent the spread of germs,” Wichian said. “We use nano9 silver disinfectant, which is made from 99.99 percent silver and is as effective as 70 percent alcohol as well as safer for users.”


The disinfectant was developed by Chiang Mai’s Maejo University.


The service costs Bt15 per square metre, while van drivers can earn Bt300 to B500 per job.


“We expect most business venues to require disinfection services once the government has eased lockdown restrictions,” he said. “We also provide disinfection services for personal and public vehicles.”


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30387660



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-05-11
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