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Indian Restaurant at CW Immigration

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It’s hard to find an Indian restaurant in the suburbs of Bangkok, so I was surprised to find there is one in the same building as CW Immigration. At last, something good in a place I loathe going to. Roadrunner was determined to check it out.


It’s called Savor, a tiny booth inside Food World, near the 7/11 on the floor below Immigration. You would hardly know it was there. Tasty and very cheap.


However, I was not prepared for what I had to go through to get into the Govt Complex! On arrival at the front door, a security guard directed me to a small white tent like tunnel, which looked like something Wile E Coyote might have ordered from ACME. And so it proved to be, a trap! Once inside, without warning, Roadrunner was assaulted by jets of disinfectant from all angles. Yikes! I had not even recovered from that when, emerging through the other side, I found three Thai girls screaming at me in panic and pointing to a TV monitor.  “ Mister, your body so hot! ”…. Yeah, well, I do get these compliments….  Then I caught sight of my thermal image on TV, all red and hot like.


The security guard came running in like the building was on fire, thinking he had a Covid 19 case on his hands, and ushered me back outside to a row of seats, where I was left to cool off. I had been out in the sun and it was steaming hot that day. Why did he not have me wait inside where I would be cooled by the air con? Duh, no common sense.


After a few minutes a very wary Roadrunner was allowed back in through the tunnel, no disinfectant this time. The girls took my photo for security, wearing a mask, you could not identify anyone from it! Duh, TiT.


Finally, I was inside! Hot and covered in sticky wet disinfectant. You have to be hungry and intrepid to get your Indian food here.




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