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American man in Chiang Mai finds newborn baby dumped on roadside

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American man in Chiang Mai finds newborn baby dumped on roadside



PIcture: Thai Rath


Thai Rath reported that an American man found a newborn baby girl by the side of the road yesterday. 


Eric R. was on his way back to his nearby condo when he saw a child's arm protruding from a cloth in the shade of a tree by some old car tires.


He opened the cloth up and found it was a fully formed and healthy baby. The little girl seemed to be breathing normally.


He texted a Thai friend who contacted the authorities.


The baby is now in the care of Nakhon Ping Hospital.


Police are looking at CCTV in the vicinity to find out who left the baby there. The child was found in Soi 3 of Kaew Nawarat Road.


They speculated it was probably the mother who had an unwanted pregnancy and didn't know what to do with the child. 


Source: Thai Rath



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-05-14
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All I can think is, she fits her uniform better than he fits his uniform.   Hope the baby is OK and finds a decent home with caring people.

Come on Mr. American....wear your mask properly...   don’t give the rest of us a bad name...image is everything!

Very sad. But she had 9 months to learn that there will always be couples only too willing to adopt.  

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A good outcome and well spotted there Mr. Eric.


As an aside, she looks damned fine fitted into that tiny uniform but that is also one serious pair of piercing no-nonsense eyes and would rumble you in a second taking names and writing them down in that huge book.

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