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Hua Hin: Two big malls are ready to open if allowed

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21 hours ago, poppysdad said:

Unless I’m not aware of something but if you have an iPhone you can only put an app on it from the Apple app store and if like me your registered with the uk or other foreign App Store then you cannot download it from the Thai App Store. And before someone tells me to change to the Thai store you cannot unless your credit card is based in SE Asia or the USA.


No need to download an app, at least not at present.


You read a QR code (use Line or your favourite QR app) and it leads to a website where you enter all the junk (ok phone number) and press "check-in". Repeat the process on the way out.


How it will work if one of the multitude of visitors turns out to be infected I don't know, will they enforce 14 days on anyone who was in the mall at the same time?


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Yeah hate it and many of our bank branches happen to be in "the mall"  Impossible guess some fake sneezes might get some looks...

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On 5/14/2020 at 12:05 PM, colinneil said:

Thing is, your not waiting for them to open so you can shop, your waiting for the opening, so you can eye ball the eye candy.

Possibly pickup 1 up.:cheesy:

The only eye candy he gets he pays for 

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