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School owner gets death penalty for fatally beating one of his students

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On 5/15/2020 at 8:25 AM, Acharn said:

Revenge. Prevent the individual from killing again. Because it's the Law. It's pretty well accepted that death sentences don't actually deter killing. It's a good question, though, because executions used to be reported. Maybe the junta decided to suppress the publication as a public relations measure.

Exactly. The main point of the Death sentence is REVENGE, which has no place in a society which says it promotes JUSTICE.


We know even in Thai schools that 'military' style discipline rules over any idea of justice and humanity - they still dictate how students cut their hair and resort to threats if someone's hair is a bit too long, or a bit too curly for their tastes.


This was a 'military cadet training academy'. We should know that anything that aims to put people into the Thai military system will play by their rules. i.e. DO WHAT YOU WANT - you're only wrong if you get caught, and even then you might find a road out at the end if you've enough power and money.


Nice to see justice aimed at their own kind for a change, though it's clearly only because he's out of favour.  Soldiers are NOT the kind of people that should run schools, or countries.

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On 5/15/2020 at 9:03 PM, IAMHERE said:

It has kept me from killing several times.

Really? Most people who kill do so without giving it any thought, purely impulse. At least that's what the books say, the interviews with prisoners on death row. Or they figure they'll never get caught, like Ted Bundy. I'm pretty sure this monster believed he wouldn't kill the kid he was beating, or believed that if he did it was OK because he was in the position of "master." I can't imagine how somebody would think hitting a person with a baseball bat would not result in really serious injury -- watching too many cartoons, I suppose.

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