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Confused about Thai approved health insurance for yearly extension based on Non Imm O-A visa

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Today I asked for a quote from “NowCompare” they recommended Regency Health Insurance Company.

My last message to them:-

Are Regency on the TGIA approved list of health insurance companies?

Their reply:-

To answer your question, no Regency are not on the TGIA list of insurance companies.

It is important to highlight that TGIA is not an authority, meaning they do not have the right to approve or disapprove insurance companies. This is just a website you can go to for information on medical insurance, it is an industry marketing website so therefore companies can pay to advertise on there.

Regency’s policy complies with requirements specifically for an OA VISA, giving you THB 400,000 inpatient cover and THB 40,000 outpatient cover. This plan covers you in all Thailand state medical facilities. We have many clients in Thailand that have opted for the Regency Thai Long Stay policy so your situation is very familiar to us.


Is the above statement from Nowcompare correct? I think it has been stated on this forum that the health insurance needs to be with a company on the TGIA list?

Thank you 


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First, sorry for the information overload...

It appears that TGIA is the holder of the official 'Insured user' database of which the Thai Immigration Bureau will do its verification.




For comparison, see Step 1-4, info found on the Aetna Health Insurance website:


Aetna personal health insurance
From October 2019, the Thai Ministry of Public Health requires foreigners aged 50 and above living in Thailand or who intend to live in Thailand on a long stay visa within 1 year (O-A type) to be in possession of health insurance that provides a minimum coverage of THB 400,000 for in-patient treatment and THB 40,000 for out-patient treatment.

In line with this requirement, Aetna Health Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited can offer you a choice of health insurance plans that are complied with these requirements. You will receive an insurance certificate as the key evidence for Visa application after you complete the purchase of your health insurance. Your data will be automatically passed to the immigration authorities to allow them to validate the policy is in force.





[NOTE] This is NOT an endorsement for Aetna Insurance.




ALSO, this is found posted on the Royal Thai Embassy, Washington D.C. website:


8. Pursuant to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Thailand, dated 2 April B.E. 2562 (2019), approving in principle for the stipulation of health insurance as an additional requirement for Non-Immigrant ‘O-A’ (Long Stay) visa application, the Royal Thai Embassy  has introduced the following requirements for the said visa application:

Effective from 31 October 2019 , the applicant must be medically insured for the entire period of stay in Thailand with the following coverage:

– Outpatient benefit with a sum insured of not less than 40,000 THB, and

– Inpatient benefit with a sum insured of not less than  400,000 THB

The applicants must submit the following:

8.1. Health insurance policy document issued by a Thai or foreign insurance company, stating that the applicant is medically insured for the period and with coverage as mentioned above:

(a) In case of a foreign insurance company, the applicant must submit the original insurance policy document with 2 copies;

(b) In case of a Thai insurance company, the applicant must submit 2 copies of the insurance policy document or, if available, the original insurance policy document with 2 copies. A list of Thai insurance companies participating in the scheme can be found here: http://longstay.tgia.org

8.2. Foreign Insurance Certificate as stipulated by the Office of Insurance Commission and Health Insurance of Thailand, which must be completed, signed and stamped by the insurance company. The form can be downloaded here: Foreign Insurance Certificate Form





AND ALSO this slight variation found posted on the Royal Thai Embassy, Tel Aviv, Israel website:


Non-Immigrant Visa  “O-A”:  Long Stay

From 31 October 2019, Applicants for a Long Stay “O-A” Visa (One Year Validity) to the Kingdom of Thailand must have a health insurance policy that will cover them for the entire duration of their stay in Thailand. 

The health insurance policy must have both an outpatient coverage of at least 40,000 Baht and an inpatient coverage of at least 400,000 Baht. The Applicant may choose to apply for the health insurance policy from a Thai company (the list can be found at http://longstay.tgia.org) or a non-Thai company. 

Required Documents (all documents must be completed and legible) 

1. Health Insurance Policy 

   1.1 If purchased from a Thai company (the list can be found at http://longstay.tgia.org): 2 originals or 1 original and 1 photocopy or 2 photocopies of the Policy 

   1.2 If purchased from a non-Thai company: 1 original and 1 photocopy of the Policy only (2 photocopies will not be accepted) 

2. 1 original and 1 copy of Insurance Certificate Form, which may be downloaded at http://longstay.tgia.org/document/overseas_insurance_certificate.pdf


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There is a blank certificate on the TGIA website that you can submit to your insurer. If they sign that certificate and you carry it with you then you should be able to enter through immigration at the borders. Way in the past, a lot of people said their insurance company would not sign the certificate but then some people said they were having success and since then I haven't heard much about it. I would guess that if you have a certificate that isn't entered in the TGIA database you can expect scrutiny and delays whenever someone asks for proof of insurance. Whether you can use this for an extension of stay, I don't know. It seems like the kind of question you need to ask your local immigration office.

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Thank you RichCor for all your information.

Thank you Martyp, I have just been writing my next post and agree will what you have posted.


I have just had a look on the Thai Embassy web page https://www.thaiembassy.com/travel/health-insurance-thailand-new-requirement-for-retirees.php

It states below:-


What is the new requirement for the Thai retirement O-A visa?

The new rule specifies that the applicant or visa holder must have health insurance not be less than 40,000 baht for outpatient and 400,000 baht for inpatient medical fees. Policies can either be purchased from domestic or foreign insurers, but the sum of foreign policies must not be less than the amount stipulated for Thai policies.

By requiring foreign retirees to have health insurance, they can be ensured that they will be taken care of when they get ill and in case of an accident. This measure will solve over 100 million baht fees left unpaid by foreign patients. The measure will prevent foreigners from doing a runner for hospital fees.

Who are required to have health insurance?

The new rules will be applied to those who are applying for the non-immigrant O-A visa from the Thai embassy or consulate in their home countries, for those who enter the country for the first time with non-immigrant O-A visa and those who wish to extend their non-immigrant O-A visas inside Thailand.

Which companies participated in this scheme?

Here are some of the insurance companies that the applicants may obtain their health insurance to:

Viriyan Insurance,

Asia Insurance 1950,

Thaivisa Insurance,

Sompo Insurance,

LMG Insurance,

Thai Health Insurance,

Navakij Insurance,

Dhipaya Insurance,

The Falcon Insurance,

Pacific Cross Health Insurance,

AXA Insurance,

AETNA Health Insurance



When I put my post on Thaivisa I thought that the health insurance company HAD to be on the Thai General Insurance Association  (TGIA) list.


I have just looked on the TGIA web page https://longstay.tgia.org/


Non – Immigrant Visa "O-A"

The listed companies who participate in this scheme.

Download Overseas Insurance Certificate
Participating Company Namelist and Contact list



So the health insurance from Regency that “Now Compare” are recommending as they admit are not on the above list but it does not have to be on the list. They state that the policy they are recommending covers all Thailand state medical facilities.


I am beginning to understand more, “Now Compare” are probably correct that Regency will provide an appropriate certificate but I cannot help thinking that if this is the case why has the Thai Embassy compiled a list of companies. Also I had a look at the “Download Overseas Insurance Certificate” and it only mentions applying for a Non Imm O-A visa, no mention of Extension of Stay that I will need to do.


I am also thinking that if I can go ahead with the health insurance from Regency that is not on the TGIA list why have I seen people on this forum stating that they have very good health insurance but are having to buy another extra Thai health insurance just to satisfy Thai immigration?


This extra health policy would probably only cover stays in Thai state hospitals and it may complicate any claims to their much better insurance.

Why don’t these people chase their existing Health insurance to issue a certificate stating that they conform to the immigration requirements of more than 400,000 inpatient  and 40,000 outpatient?




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Wow, thank you Ubonjoe, you are right. I have had another look. I am surprised they are allowed to have a web address of www.thaiembessy.com and not be the official site.

I explained clearly to the first person I spoke to on the telephone at “Now Compare” that I will shortly be renewing my 1 year extension of stay. He emailed me suggesting Regency for Expats insurance company but at the same time copied it to a person in a different department who took over communicating with me. After a further look I think maybe the second person might be assuming I am applying for a Non IM O-A visa.

Thank you so much for clarifying the situation.


Tanoshi, thank you for your reply. Where I am staying the wifi is cut off for 30 minutes each morning and so I have been writing below which states the same as you have, sorry about that.


3 years ago I actually decided to self insure and so I actually do not want health insurance.


I live in Khon Kaen. I was planning to pop over to Laos from Mukdahan, make it a short holiday, see the mighty Mekong river, a short boat trip if possible. Either apply for an O visa in Savannakhet or most likely just come back on a 30 day visa exempt and then to apply for the Non Imm O visa.


The lockdown due to the covid-19 virus has confused me. So many unknowns.


Is a trip to Laos and back now possible? Are buses operating?

If possible will there be complications?

Will a recent medical check e needed before coming back to Thailand?

Maybe even covid-19 medical insurance? I think I read something about that but I think it was not fact as I cannot imagine hospitals charging covid-19 patients.

Would I need to self quarantine?

Do I now want to go?


I am now thinking that it is a bit risky to purchase health insurance that is not on the TGIA list. I am going to have a look at LMG who Peter Denis mentioned in the past. They are on the TGIA list and I think I can get it for about 7,000 baht for a year. I will ask for maximum excess.


ps. Have just seen your posts Peter and will now read them

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Peter, thank you so much for your very good and detailed information.

All is now becoming clearer.

I would love to have a copy of your guidelines and will PM you.

I have already been in contact with LMG by LINE messenger with their office in Khon Kaen, where I live. So it will be easy for me to go to their office in the near future. For 200,000 excess I have a quote for 7,700 baht.


I would still prefer to change to a Non Imm O visa.


Anyone have any comments on my concerns about leaving Thailand at this time due to the covid-19 lockdown restrictions?

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1 hour ago, Keith5588 said:

Is a trip to Laos and back now possible? Are buses operating?

Laos is closed to all entries at this time. Same for the other nearby countries.

It is maybe for next month.

You could just let your extension expire and stay until July 31st under the amnesty. Perhaps by then the borders will be open.

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1 hour ago, Keith5588 said:

Anyone have any comments on my concerns about leaving Thailand at this time due to the covid-19 lockdown restrictions?

When does your current permission of stay expire?

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I have a 90 day report due 8 June. My current permission to stay ends 1 July.

I did see this web page https://immigration.go.th/content/extend_alien?click=1

So I feel certain about not needing to do my 90 day report but am not sure if I can stay until 31 July without going into overstay?

Joe do you think it wise for me to telephone my local immigration office in Khon Kaen to make sure?


Interesting to know that boarders are closed at the moment.







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6 minutes ago, Keith5588 said:

So I feel certain about not needing to do my 90 day report but am not sure if I can stay until 31 July without going into overstay?

You can stay until July 31st since after your extension ends the only way to stay in the country would require leaving and re-entering the country which is not possible at this time.

This makes it clear you can stay.


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