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Democrats launch probe of Trump's firing of State Department watchdog

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He was an Obama pick who decided to investigate one of the government team. I have no idea why Trump did not fire them ALL when he first took office. Of course Dems will be bleating and whining and gr

Similar to IG Atkinson of the Intel Community, IG Linick was fired for doing his job. Under 45, there is fealty or fired. Atkinson and Linick refused to accept that the United States is not a Democrat

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1 hour ago, spidermike007 said:

Most people who make it to the national level in Washington can expected to be somewhat corrupt. There are very, very few exceptions to that rule. John McCain, Bill Bradley, and Bill Richardson, are a few that come to mind. But, lost are the days of men and women of elegance, integrity, nobility and grace, that these great few exemplified. It is a whole new era in D.C. 14 foot alligators rule the swamp. So yes, Obama was corrupt. But, Trump has redefined the term. He has elevated it to a whole new level. Trump makes Nixon and Bush Jr. look like princes and noblemen. 


I think your're right about the levels of corruption - on both sides. Obama was adept at doing it out of public view whereas Trump couldn't give a fig about being discrete.


It seems the Republicans have been somewhat slow in retaliating against the venom and constant clutching at any straw to attack mentality being shown by so called "leading" Democrats.


Kinnock and Hattersley, Labours so called "dream team" did this in the UK once. They spent all their media time slagging off opponents, criticizing and allowing their own venom to take over. They lost an election that all the media said would be a massive victory for them. Their vindictive hate took over and lost them an election to someone no one thought had a chance. It seems a trait of the left. And suggests a contempt not only for those with different views but for those who elect them too.

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4 hours ago, Tounge Thaied said:

Immorality, the inability to CHOOSE what we know to be right over wrong is ruining America. It is a systemic disease, a malady that many have attempted to rid us from. Jesus, the Buddha, Lao Tzu etc... the sages, the prophets, the wise...

Throughout history the perpetual suffering and injustice occurring on an incomprehensible scale, due to ignorance is now spreading more rapidly. The ignorance of our consequences of choosing wrong over right. The well trained and deeply indoctrinated conformists, perpetuate human suffering. The people who do as they are told who proudly bow to their masters, who follow the crowd, believing what everyone else believes in, no critical thought and thinking whatever authority wants them to think. That is the ignorant, the immoral, the lazy, the ones who are incapable of fully growing up and taking complete responsibility for their actions... the ignore...ance is not because the truth is not available.


There have been radicals preaching the truth for thousands of years, ignore... ance prevails because the weak, the meek, shun the truth with all their heart and soul. We close our eyes and runaway when a hint of reality lands in front of us. The conformist, the statist, the deniers condemn us, the truth teller (the conspiracy theorist) as extremists, as freaks, kooks who try to show you the chains you wear because you don't want to be free, you don't even want to be a true moral human. Responsibility and reality scare the hell out of you, so you cling tightly to your own enslavement and lash out at anyone who seeks to free you from it. When someone opens the door to your cage you cower back in the corner and yell close it close it. All you ever do is spout back what your masters have taught you; that being free only leads to chaos and destruction, that being obedient and subservient leads to peace and prosperity. There are none so blind as those who will not see, and you, America, your nation of sheep would rather die than see the truth.


Are you ok?

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Offices of Inspector General (now 70+) were created by congressional actions. Their role within their assigned Executive Branch agencies buttresses congressional oversight of operation of the Executive Branch. But their removal by the POTUS is by law unchallenged. 

Perhaps at the appropriate point in time Congress can amend laws regarding the IGs to require congressional approval for POTUS removal to assure their independence.


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2 hours ago, JCauto said:

So will this be your position henceforth regardless of who is in power in the administration? There's really no need for any internal oversight or people to serve as Inspector-Generals? You'll be okay once a Democrat is in power for there to be no oversight? Or do you believe that the administration should select their own oversight or IGs? What could go wrong with that?

This is one of the many short-sighted viewpoints we see out of the Trump crowd, they will support anything that provides him free reign to do whatever he wants while he is in power, then will bleat endlessly after he's gone about how there's no check on government power. Similar to what we saw in Wisconsin, they actually pass laws to give Republican Governors new and extended powers, then once they lose the Governorship, pass laws to reduce the Governor's power to practically zero. This is not policy, this is not ideology. This is simply using partisan political power to achieve minority goals regardless of future consequence. 

Remember how the Right used to go on and on about the "Imperial Presidency" of Obama and how he was usurping power not granted to him by the Constitution? Seems so long ago now.

No please do not misunderstand me. Congress and The Senate provide oversight, ultimately, the electorate do too. I am just tremendously sad to see such a bipartisan dog fight every day, day in and day out. Part of that is Trump's ego mutterings via Twitter but a larger part, in my view, is the Dems fanatical "we'll get him one way or another" approach. Get him, IMHO, if you can in Nov not constant investigations.

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