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Democrats launch probe of Trump's firing of State Department watchdog

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1 minute ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:


That's who Trump aspires to be... one of those guys, with no U.S. Constitution or rule of law or congressional oversight to reign in his worst excesses...


But the worst part is, too many Americans seem to think his trashing of the Constitution and democratic institutions is a good thing for the country, which is clearly is not.


And it's not going to change until enough Americans wake up and get their heads screwed on straight, or, they're instead going to wake up someday living in the U.S. version of Russia.


Forgive me for saying but that's complete nonsense on many levels. You say 'clearly not' yet millions disagree.

BTW leave Russia out of it - great country, great people and Putin has lifted it out of very dark days back when Yeltsin was in charge. Have you been there? (yes, I have many. many times) and I hate to see them used by Americans as the Bogey Man, reds under the bed nonsense.

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He was an Obama pick who decided to investigate one of the government team. I have no idea why Trump did not fire them ALL when he first took office. Of course Dems will be bleating and whining and gr

Similar to IG Atkinson of the Intel Community, IG Linick was fired for doing his job. Under 45, there is fealty or fired. Atkinson and Linick refused to accept that the United States is not a Democrat

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36 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:

The federal government has nominally independent inspectors general whose specific mission is to investigate and bring to light wrongdoing, waste and abuses in their respective agencies.


They do that in Democratic administrations. They do that in Republican administrations. And they have done so for decades.


Only someone who condones government wrongdoing, waste and abuse can be in favor of the politically motivated, without-cause removal of multiple IGs under Trump, who clearly has shown that he believes himself and his cohorts to be above any and all laws.


That's what a dictator is, not a president.


if the president has the legal authority to appoint (with consent) and fire inspectors general, then he has the legal authority regardless of popularity with opposition members of congress.  i'm not aware of a requirement to give a "good" reason for the firing, merely that he must inform congress. 


congress may investigate to their hearts' content, but unless the law is amended, there's not much they can do about it, other than use it as a political talking point and as another method of "resistance."


unfortunately (or not) those appear to be the rules.

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16 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:


Some things in American government depend on the customs of, and respect for, democratic institutions. When you have a president like Trump, all respect for and adherence to democratic institutions goes out the window.


It's now up to the American people to decide if they want a would-be dictator to run the country or a democratic republic with leaders who follow the norms of American government.


One of the last major times a U.S. president did abhorrent things like this, it was under President Nixon and the "Saturday Night Massacre" in the midst of the Watergate scandal that ultimately led to his resignation.


Trump is a walking, talking Saturday Night Massacre.





And Bork, in all his glory, could years later have become a U.S. Supreme Court justice if the Republicans had had their way.



i dislike the man as much as anyone, but if we're gonna "respect the institutions" that also means observing little details like following the law as written, not as how we would like to have it applied in this special case 'cause we don't like the other team's guy. 


congress, i believe, can change the law.  i must assume they don't want to.  investigations are more fun and politically profitable.

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6 hours ago, JCauto said:

So will this be your position henceforth regardless of who is in power in the administration? There's really no need for any internal oversight or people to serve as Inspector-Generals? You'll be okay once a Democrat is in power for there to be no oversight? Or do you believe that the administration should select their own oversight or IGs? What could go wrong with that?

This is one of the many short-sighted viewpoints we see out of the Trump crowd, they will support anything that provides him free reign to do whatever he wants while he is in power, then will bleat endlessly after he's gone about how there's no check on government power. Similar to what we saw in Wisconsin, they actually pass laws to give Republican Governors new and extended powers, then once they lose the Governorship, pass laws to reduce the Governor's power to practically zero. This is not policy, this is not ideology. This is simply using partisan political power to achieve minority goals regardless of future consequence. 

Remember how the Right used to go on and on about the "Imperial Presidency" of Obama and how he was usurping power not granted to him by the Constitution? Seems so long ago now.


"Or do you believe that the administration should select their own oversight or IGs?"


Of course they should, just as Obama chose the IG that was just fired. If you think it should be different, then start lobbying your Democrat friends to change the law.


As for oversight, I think that Mr. Trump has been subject to more oversight than any President in History, and they just keep coming at him with every crooked scheme that they think the people might believe this time. 


It's well past time that the tables were turned, and that is exactly what has Washington in a panic now, as they all know they are about to be exposed.


Even with an all out assault of lies (Adam Schiff), and manufactured crimes, and the unprecidented rigging of the justice system, and the Main Stream Media singing their chorus, they have still not found anything illegal that the President has done, in 3 years and 100's of millions of dollars wasted in partisan investigations, in which I am sure they left no stone unturned. That should tell you something. There is no There, there.




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2 minutes ago, NoBrainer said:

"Or do you believe that the administration should select their own oversight or IGs?"


Of course they should

You actually believe that administrations select their own oversight???

3 minutes ago, NoBrainer said:

As for oversight, I think that Mr. Trump has been subject to more oversight than any President in History

Because someone is investigated a lot does not make them innocent but simply more suspect. Mafia bosses were investigated a lot. 

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1 hour ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:


No president in modern history, since the IG's became a fixture of the federal government in the late 1970s AFAIK, has ever abused the IG system/process like Trump is doing now. Some levels of criminality simply aren't expected of presidents.


great!  let's get rid of him.  but let's do it legally.  no (ahem) trumped up charges.  he does have the authority to fire the IG, until congress decides to change the law.  if we get him removed by any means available, that sets precedent for the republican congress "resisting" 46, and spending four years on their own fraudulent investigations.


if what is coming out now can be proven, that flynn was entrapped, that fisa warrants were knowingly falsified, that crowdstrike testified they could NOT verify any data was downloaded from the infamous DNC servers, things will get interesting.


personally, i'm still waiting for an investigation as to under what authority obama had to order the drone execution of american citizens without trial.

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