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The new 45 km HW from Santiburi to HW1020 halfway between Chiang Khong and Thoeng

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That was a long title . . .

I just checked it up today on a bikeride. 

First a map going from HW1020 halfway between Chiang Khong and Thoeng towards Santiburi. 

The letters shows where the photos were taken. 

A  is a photo of the bridge over Ping River.

B and C shows that they still have some work to do.

D is where the new HW will cross HW1174. And what I understand the new HW will get the number 1152. 

E shows they need some more dynamite.

F shows that there is some more work to get the road to connect where the part from Sob Pao ends.

G shows the end of the part from Sob Pao.

H shows a part that is 1,5 km with good asphalt and nice lights that just ends in middle of nowhere. 

I and J shows that people have been around but what they plan to do is not easy to understand.

K shows a place where you can see in the background they are planning to build another fancy bridge. Why they need a bridge there no one can understand.

L shows the planned bridge over Nong Luang. That will also be a very fancy bridge. 


So when will this project be finished? 

A very good question. Not this year and probably not next year 2021 but hopefully sometimes in year 2022.  
















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