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Has anybody heard about this school before? Was doing some research about getting a degree in Thailand and stumbled across this place. In particular, I was looking at their BA in TESOL. Just does not seem to have a lot of information available online about it. Pricing sounds very good. Has anyone attended or know someone who attended? If so is there any distance learning opportunities available? On their official website it does not state that they do however on a separate website they claim that the degree can be 100% done online. Not sure if it is allowed or not but I will link both sites. Thanks for any help! 



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If you need this to get a teachers' licence, Khurusapha does not accept this university. Only 3 Thai universities are approved (I called them last week and they have sent me a list):


1. St. Theresa International College

2. Assumption University

3. Srinakharinwirot University.

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The BA TESOL at STC is just a degree.  You need to study more to get a teachers licence but it does get you a waiver.  You can finish in 3 years and total costs are less than 150,000 baht.

Then go on and get a Masters.  YOu are far better off, in my biased opinion.

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