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I live in a remote area where everyone is driving a car or a motorbike.

The closest shop is about 500 metre from here.


When the gf is not home and the car is not available I find myself in a worry when wanting to go to the shop for some refreshments.


Its this one house that keep giving me problems. Two Thai dogs which are very aggressive. Have to pass them in a narrow street to get by, but they do their best to deny me. They are very aggressive and keep going at me as soon I am 5-10 metre close. They are more than ready to bite.


I had enough of these two douchebags refusing me to live my life as I want, and consider what to do with them.


To give them a go with a bat in the middle of the day seems a bit over the top as neighbor might not like, so I consider what else I can do to get these two a-hooles to give me the peace I want.



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Changed the head-line. It was wrote in anger and frustration. It was out of line, indeed.


The owner never seem to be home at these hours. At least I haven't seen him around in the daytime.

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