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UK announces new post-Brexit global tariff regime

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Try raising your eyes above your hatred for the EU - it's not just the EU but the whole world is expecting a recession unlike any seen in our lifetimes. Is this really the time to be leaving the world

Little island. Big balls. Rule Brittania!

Excellent , 500% import tax on Chinese goods please, to be paid by the exporter in China prior to shipping

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7 hours ago, bannork said:

Time will tell gentlemen, time will tell.

It certainly will boyo,what about the eus latest one about all the members taking on debt as one?link hard talk was on BBC news 4.30 this morning 21.5.2020

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On 5/20/2020 at 2:18 AM, RuamRudy said:

Well go on then, help us understand the tangible benefits. How will our lives improve as a result of brexit, and why, on the cusp of a crisis, is it wise to strike out alone?

Whose lives?

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6 hours ago, candide said:



The EU is facing a challenge, it's true. It needs to change. Being freed from the ultra-liberal British influence may help, despite a loss of size.

It won,t help the eus.finances though,still i,m sure the rest of the eus countries will be glad to put their hands on their pockets to remain in the eu,anyone asked their citizens yet.

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28 minutes ago, JonnyF said:

This could be the understatement of the year. They're up the creek without a paddle. It's so bad that even the ultra leftist rag The Guardian has cottoned on.







History will show that we left at the perfect time. The equivalent of running out of a burning building as it collapses into itself. The Brits leading the way, as normal.

When a ship sinks the captain will go down with it,seems through Holland and Germany feel the same way as us,why don,t the eus countries give their citizens a referendum?

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