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Teenage motorbike thieves arrested in Wichit

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Teenage motorbike thieves arrested

By Eakkapop Thongtub



Police have arrested two of the teenagers and are looking for the third. Image: via Wichit Police


PHUKET: Police have arrested two 17-year-old motorbike thieves in Wichit and are searching for the third member of the gang after the parents of the first two brought their own children in to police.




Lt Col Thammasan Bunsong of the Wichit Police Station reported that Sittipong “Arm” Sakulwongsujarit, 17 and Wasan “Cheese” Koeu-Thong, also 17, were arrested on Monday (May 18).


The search for the trio began on May 12 when police were informed at 11:24am that a Honda MSX had been stolen from in front of a house in Moo 1, Wichit.


Full story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/teenage-motorbike-thieves-arrested-76117.php



-- © Copyright Phuket News 2020-05-20

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Posted (edited)

Theft of bikes used to be rife around where I live we had a brand new one stolen still had the red plate my wifes first ever bike that I bought her she was gutted, it turned out ok as they got caught after smashing into the back of a car and nearly killing themselves 

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7 hours ago, webfact said:


Unfortunate nickname - his actions may have caused a bit of a stink!

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9 hours ago, Phuketshrew said:

Dumb and Dumber. Why would you go thieving with all your identifying tattoos on display?

Thai education.

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