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Thailand's entertainment industry can't just do something else instead because of Covid-19, says insider

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Thailand's entertainment industry can't just do something else instead because of Covid-19, says insider




A leading figure in Pattaya's entertainment and tourist industry has hit back at suggestions from a health official that pubs and clubs should do something else.


The suggestion came from a health ministry advisor Dr Khamnuan Ungchusak who suggested at a seminar that the entertainment industry in Thailand should reopen by doing something less risky.


Social distancing was impossle at bars and clubs and discos so they should just abandon the business and reassess their future.


Damrongkiat Phinitkarn, secretary to of Pattaya's entertainment and tourism sector, said it was clear that opening up Pattaya's bars and clubs was a long way off.


But suggesting that businesses and staff could just do something else less risky was nonsense and unrealistic. 


The sector needs help from the government.



Picture: 77kaoded


Some employees were paid at first during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic but since then most have upped sticks and gone home.


Some have eked out a living selling drinks and things on a stick.



Picture: 77kaoded


But businesses were in dire straights having to continue to pay high rents. 


He had written to the mayor for help concerning rents so that some bars might be able to ride out the next few months before they are allowed to reopen.


But a very uncertain present is now upon the industry and the future looks even less sure.


Source: 77kaoded




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