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Thailand's entertainment industry can't just do something else instead because of Covid-19, says insider

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5 minutes ago, Henryford said:

Without the entertainment industry Pattaya will slowly wither and die. How many people are going to travel 10,000 kms to sit on a filthy beach, no nightlife and the only attractions being fake markets selling the same old tat.

Ah markets, the answer to everything and no limit to the number needed! Isn't the old Xcite disco land being developed into one!

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6 minutes ago, skorp13 said:

If you don;t like it then move. This is really the only community where you get this, which is what built the city. Plenty of other options out there

You have to see the bigger picture and not only the bar ladies in front of you. The ladies can work online and you save on Lady drinks and bar fines. On top of it you can often see ratings of other customers there. Bars are a thing of the past. Mostly old people go there who can't use the internet. And at some bars the ladies are dressed as nurses already that these old guys feel safer. And booze? There are so many other places for it. Even in front of a convenience store you often can sit and meet friends. Why wait for a happy hour where you still pay far too much and feel unhappy because of this? 

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What does the Thai consulate in Saigon do everyday?  Saigon's entertainment venues are open.  Besides doling out visas, do they ever tell cha cha what is happening outside of Thailand ?  

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