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Thailand's entertainment industry can't just do something else instead because of Covid-19, says insider

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On 5/21/2020 at 7:01 AM, JackThompson said:

True.  If Chinese owned, the guy with the flag would guide them in to spend money there.  For Thai-owned small businesses, the tour-groups just walk by and gawk - packing the sidewalks, and driving away their customers.  Well, the ones immigration has not already forced to move to Vietnam by denying-entry to Thailand on false-grounds.  

Correct.  There's every chance the virus will take "zero baht tourism" here to a whole new level. 

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Sir this is the exact reason we all love Pattaya...

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The entertainment industry killed itself many years ago, and there’s no need to blame covid-19 for its demise. Just like any profession that no longer satisfies the consumer - do something else! 

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4 hours ago, JackThompson said:

The fact is, if you moved the entire Pattaya-bar + Walking St collection to an island off the coast, Pattaya would die, and that that island would flourish. 

I think LK Metro is an example of that. 


It was nothing until some bar owners made a small enclave of gogo bars and girly bars, and then the crowd followed and it became a busy place. 



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