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Thailand's entertainment industry can't just do something else instead because of Covid-19, says insider

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3 hours ago, YetAnother said:

that is a leading feature of the current thai government

I do believe many bar and club owners are wishful thinkers. Not just here in Thailand but the world over there is a massive change in human rights taking place. The entertainment industry, travel, restaurants, the places and activities that people use for get out of the house are closing. Turning us into an unhappy society of Microsoft Netflix Grab users. 

Pattaya in particular and Thailand as a country have wanted to upgrade the quality of both tourist and expat for sometime. It is no secret the government dislike the sexpat tourist that frequent bars all over the country. Their attitude is we don't care where you go, we don't want or need that revenue we have plans to redevelop the tourist industry to our liking. This was on their minds prior to this <deleted> show and now have the perfect opportunity to invest in a new type of tourist industry. The talk of opening up if things remain good with regards to virus will do very little in fact it will be a disaster. Tenants can plead for rent relief with not being allowwd to open, but being allowed to open with 0 hope of getting western customers is going to break the back of most. One only needs to look at how this plandemic has devastated Europe the UK and the USA. Air travel will have to increase to a level making long haul very expensive with this new rule of leaving a seat between customers. Most airlines are reducing their fleets by up to 50%

After all this is said and done there may be a small enclave around LK metro open for business with new ownership. I seriously doubt any the current tenants will survive the coming year to 18 months. 

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Sir this is the exact reason we all love Pattaya...

A bit like buying a house next to an airport, and complaining about the noise ! It's been like that for over the 30 years since I first went there, which begs the question, why stay there if it's

Why do you want to change the Pattaya main activity? What sort of ''interests'' than sex and booze the city can offer? The beach is dirty, the city is ugly, the shopping is not cheap th

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4 hours ago, webfact said:

But suggesting that businesses and staff could just do something else less risky was nonsense and unrealistic. 

Clear and true words! There are not only the Pattaya gogos and beer bars, tourists in Chiang Mai, on the islands and Bangkok like to sit in a cocktail bar or a nice rooftop bar and enjoy a drink or going in a club for dancing. 

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2 hours ago, kingofthemountain said:

Why do you want to change the Pattaya main activity?

What sort of ''interests'' than sex and booze the city can offer?

The beach is dirty, the city is ugly, the shopping is not cheap

there is no historical sites or attractions to visit, only fakes ones

(Like the floating market)

so what?

There are already a lot of place all over Thailand for the ''normal'' tourists

why do you want to kill the only place where the ''lonely fat bald bad boys'' are welcome?

I take exception to this post. I’m not fat...so there!

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Pattaya bars weren't doing that well even at Christmas.  After this covid19 pandemic I doubt if even 50% of them will be able to reopen. 

Now is probably the time to actually restrict the areas that they can open in. There is no need for girly bars in every street or area. 

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3 hours ago, NCC1701A said:

horrible where you lose your freedom and your rights.

indeed, horrible if i would lose my freedom and rights to live in a healthy society. 

restricting individual behaviour that endangers other peoples lives and so infringes on their freedom, rightly should not be allowed.

Just like people dont have "the freedom to be drunk and drive a car" people also dont have the right to unnecesarely risk spreading a very contagious and possible legal disease.

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Spot on PMK , The government will pander to the Chinese magnates and soon the wrecking ball will make way for those big bright new Hotel Casinos...Prime Beach front real estate..

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I know it sounds bad but all the time people are being so kind , from bars and clubs giving out free food to help the needy .. the government won’t give a dam ... they will think long may it continue.. 

if they stopped helping .. people , poor people , starving people ... might take to the streets in anger 

they might think again ... 

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