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Riding Pillion Behind Girl?

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46 minutes ago, 2 is 1 said:

Yeah it can look stupid if "daddy" sit back whit helmet on! Or drive like this guy in Chiang Mai!

Understantable coz hot weather, nice to get wind in your balls!



I'm younger than her. Neither of us are senior citizens.

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1 hour ago, Enoon said:


Does your dark skin annoy some Thai people when you walk around on your own?


If the answer is yes then I expect that "those sort of people" (ie some Thai people) would probably be extra annoyed if they saw you pressed up close, as a pillion rider, to one of "their" women.


That's what "those sort of people" are like, the world over.


Nothing to do with her being the driver and you being the passenger, or any other convention concerning mens/womens "proper" roles.




I am not of African extraction so the outright hostility is somewhat lesser (I hope), most Thais have a hard time telling where I'm from based on my appearance alone. However it's fairly obvious that I am not white/caucasian.

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1 hour ago, Bruce Aussie Chiang Mai said:

Think you maybe being a bit over conscious, don't think anyone bothers about it. If they are could be jealous.

I would go with jeffers on this push up and enjoy. 


It could be for some, as I also wear a gold chain. But the evil eye isn't just from Thais but even White people (who I imagine are less susceptible to gold chain triggered envy) for some reason. It's weird really. I've never experienced this level of distaste or unspoken contempt and scornful facial expressions. I'm very sensitive to these vibes and don't think I'm wrong.

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Troll post reported and removed.


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