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Pelosi quips that Trump has 'doggy doo on his shoes' in ongoing spat

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16 hours ago, rabas said:

Based on a model? One predicting Trump with 55% of vote just weeks ago?


But maybe your right Earl, yahoo folks did predict Clinton's win. 

If you were to read it you would have learned that prior to COVID 19, the model had a trump election win by 55%. Damn that COVID trump say's.

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3 hours ago, tropo said:

 I'm giving the numbers straight (mortality/population). You're playing with them to spin the narrative that the US is worse due to blah, blah, blah... and follow it up with nonsense that the Dems have been spinning for months.


Try your population density trick for Australia. They have hardly people living in most of the country, Yet the cities are as dense as most cities in the US. 


Here's some useful number playing... New York State reported 24% of the US's covid-19 mortalities, with only 5.8% of the population, making the morality rate of the whole US outside of New York State much lower still, from 0.029% down to 0.023%.



Oh gee I thought you might have known that NYC is probably the worlds most traveled of all cities. duh

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6 hours ago, tropo said:

Let's put some other numbers out that the Democrats will not want to see.


Top states by covid-19 mortality;


source: https://ncov2019.live/data?fbclid=IwAR3I1npxj7wavdT6EzOEKTg1hC6t5onF3q-tE1GrFjKEalryCEn0OIyB4XQ


1. New York:  22,843 deaths - Democrat

2. New Jersey: 10,852 deaths - Democrat

3. Massachusetts: 6,148 deaths - Republican

4. Michigan: 5,129 deaths - Democrat

5. Pennsylvania: 4,920 deaths - Democrat

6. Illinois: 4,920 deaths - Democrat

7. California: 3,619 deaths - Democrat

8. Connecticut: 3,583 deaths - Democrat

9. Louisiana: 2,629 deaths - Democrat

10. Maryland: 2,159 deaths - Republican


In the top 10 states, Democratic governors presided over 61% of the nations covid-19 deaths, for a total of 58,182 (top 10 only).


Is there a conspiracy among Democratic governors to ensure higher death rates through gross incompetence, to make the president look bad? Wouldn't surprise me if you observe how the Democrats are currently behaving.  

Mass & Maryland are Republican Lite.  90% Democrat but they put one functioning adult in charge of the circus

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8 hours ago, earlinclaifornia said:

You didn't read it and I figure you wouldn't. Models and  polls are actually different. They actually have only been wrong with the model outcome twice. Just trying to help you out as always.

Ahhh.... mornings in Pattaya. OK, enough nostalgia. Polls show Trump leading Biden in 15 battleground states.




And yes, contrary to what you keep saying, it's a binary choice.

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15 hours ago, simple1 said:

As I said playing with stats. The pragmatic measurement is the death ration of those infected by Covid, not population numbers, The other measurement of meaning is test, trace, isolate which I understand currently USA has not achieved sufficient numbers for Covid mitigation purposes, ergo deaths will continue at a fairly rapid pace, soon to be exceeding 100,000. Sadly the current number of Covid deaths in the US is 95,000. Thanks for the interest, though off topic, Australia has currently 'only' reached 101 Covid deaths with mitigation efforts achieving good results. Australian government has documented and published a three stage normalisation process which currently is on track.


Personally I would say trump has by far exceeded the Dems with misinformation / conspiracy nonsense regards Covid. Come to think of it what misinformation / conspiracy stuff have the Dems put in the public domain re Covid?

I did not play with the statistics at all. I took the mortality on a per capita basis and applied equally to all countries.


I am Australian, so it is of interest to me too. I put it forward as an example of how using population density of the whole nation is meaningless. An extremely high number (around 99% without looking it up) live in cities. The rest of the country is empty. If you made a comparison of which country has the highest population density, considering only where they live, Australia would be ahead of the US that has a much higher rural population.


You can play with stats, of course (I gave an example above - New York State where 24% of all deaths occured), but the raw number of deaths is about as good a yardstick as we have. Yes, it can be debated due to questions over cause of death, but to spin the USA numbers in an effort to make them appear worse than most other developed countries, and then use those figures you've spun to diminish Trump is exactly what the Dems are trying to do.


Trump was busy restricting air travel while Democrats partied in China Town, SF... and then had the audacity to come back with statements that Trump was slow to react. Even Dr Fauci, way after restrictions were first introduced, was telling the nation that all is well - don't worry - Americans are not in danger. World experts, his personal advisors, didn't realise the gravity of the situation, but you expected the President to know what the experts didn't know. You didn't see Birx or Fauci wearing face masks until quite recently.


Seriously, the Dems should quit all the bs and try to find a sane, intelligent candidate to challenge him, because the way it looks to me, the Dems have many years of whining left to endure as Trump holds the White House for another 4 years, and retakes the House or Representatives too.


I would strongly suggest the Democrats stock up on tissues as they will be in high demand after November. You never know, some of the (privileged) citizens who promised they would leave the US if Trump won in 2016 will finally hold good on their promises and leave.

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20 hours ago, earlinclaifornia said:

Many of us are thankful for the stimulus checks she provided. Even if you were left out.

She provided them? Please explain.

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13 hours ago, earlinclaifornia said:

Oh gee I thought you might have known that NYC is probably the worlds most traveled of all cities. duh

Oh gee, that's the excuse Cuomo keeps using to explain his disastrous response... in daily briefings.


NYC is number 8 on the list of most visited cities. London, Paris, Bangkok and Singapore are higher.


The point was, that if you take out one state from the calculations, the state with the most confirmed infections and deaths, the US is doing much better still. 8 of the top 10 states with the most deaths are governed by Democrats. About 61% of all covid-19 deaths so far. Your own governor in California is one of them. Number 7 on the list.


But let's not play with numbers. Only 0.029% mortality in the entire USA is not bad considering the Democrats are fighting politics while the president tackles the virus. Democratic governors all over the country have by far the most blood on their hands.

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3 hours ago, tropo said:

his personal advisors, didn't realise the gravity of the situation,

The above has been strongly refuted, example below- trump received a number of warnings concerning Covid spread to the US, which he ignored / downplayed for a number of weeks. There is a published timeline (link provided in another topic) of the 15 times trump praising China's Covid response over Jan / Feb period even after the warning. As usual trump denies any responsibility whatsoever and blames WHO for his personal errors of judgement.




Trump restricted some air travel from China, but at the time the 40,000 permitted to enter were not tested for Covid infection. Dems visiting Chinatowns has been put in context a number of times which refutes trump's propaganda. 

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