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Pelosi quips that Trump has 'doggy doo on his shoes' in ongoing spat

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Look on the bright side, at least the age of PC is over. Thanks to Nancy and her team the liberal concept of "fat shaming" is now fine to do. Thanks to Biden the #metoo movement is nowadays talked abo

Really?? we are going to talk about forgiving spouses? Are you Retarded?

Whenever I see Pelosi in the news I think of designer ice cream. The other day I walked out of Tops with 3 tubs of Haargen Dazs ice cream - because of her LOL.   She's lost the plot - she si

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17 hours ago, Mike k said:

who lost the election

I guess you don't have the "hardware" to say it then but instead you revert to 5th grade antics.

Very brave and mature, just like the "I" Trump.

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