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Aquaponics system in Chiang Mai or Lamphun

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Does anyone have an Aquaponics system in CM or Lamphun?


I'm interested in starting one but would like to get some advice from some helpful TVF members.


Thanks in advance.




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On 5/21/2020 at 10:51 AM, carlyai said:

Mine is not up and running yet. I'm also not in your area but in Kalasin district.

My system will be composed of the following.

1. 2 x 1000 L food grade fish tanks.

2. 1 x bubble bead filter.

3. 4 grow beds.

4. Media for the grow beds.

5. Sump tank.

It will be a split system so you can run the fish and grow beds independently if needed. Basic design is the pencil drawing, but I'm only having one filter on the output of the fish tanks to the sump tank.

I have a separate room for the fish as I think it will be too hot in the green house.

I went for a green house and top of the line filter as I wanted the system to be as maintenance free as possible.







Is it up and running yet?

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No, still the same. Seems like Timetogrow is the man. He should probably have his going now as was getting his bacteria started. I've gotta few more jobs to do before I get back to the setup.

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