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Video: Who's in the right? Security guard said he was innocent and was on his way to work so didn't stop

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Video: Who's in the right? Security guard said he was innocent and was on his way to work so didn't stop
Picture: Daily News

A video that hit national Thai TV showed the moment when a 53 year old woman was crossing a Soi in Samrong near Bangkok. 


Bunliang told Samrong Neua police later that she looked right and left while riding her bicycle and thought the motorcycle would go round her.


Somrit, 44, collided with her and left her in a heap in the soi. 


He then had a go at her for causing the accident before driving off leaving other people to attend to tbe lady who had been on her way to market.


The victim and her daughter Nuanchawee who posted the footage on Facebook went to the police.


They didn't want to make a big deal of it but wanted an apology. 


The cops managed to contact the rider who turned up later to say that he was not the one at fault. He said he stopped to inquire about the lady and seeing that she was not injured he drove off.


He said he was on his way to work and couldn't stop for long.


Police charged him with recklessness and fleeing the scene of an accident.


It was agreed that he would pay 10,000 baht restitution to the lady - in two instalments. 

Source: Daily News
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She clearly did not look and wasn't in any kind of hurry to cross in time. Me, me, me.   The motorcycle driver should have found it easy to go around her to the left, but they are not taught

what a horible person.  He is definately in the wrong

They should refer the motor bike driver to the driving school for the blind if he didn't see her.

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It seemed two ego clash. 

Both didn't want to yield to others for courtesy or safety and pushed themselves to the limit. 

It is pretty normal in most under-developed countries. 

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