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Video: Who's in the right? Security guard said he was innocent and was on his way to work so didn't stop

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3 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:

Indeed, in not getting off his bike to offer some assistance to the lady on the floor the motorcyclists showed his true self centered selfish nature.

We saw three guys run over to help, that's good. But all too often we see those involved in the accident drive off with a degree of unashamed carelessness - I think this is down to the extreme juvenile nature of many Thai's who are unable to handle any form of conflict and instead panic because they don't know what to do.

It's a shame people need to be educated to do the right thing.

Ha, you caught me before my edit. I'm not sure that I would have put the situation as strongly as you did but I would agree that where road courtesy is concerned it seems you are correct. Too many times I have seen similar situations which could have avoided with a modicum of thought. Very sad.

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18 hours ago, thequietman said:

She clearly did not look and wasn't in any kind of hurry to cross in time. Me, me, me.


The motorcycle driver should have found it easy to go around her to the left, but they are not taught here to go for the gap. 😞


70% her & 30% him - regarding fault. 🙂

100% him.


Irrespective of whether she was in the road or not he should of stopped and waited for her to cross.


If I did this in the UK I would be guilty as hell. Then again, this is Thailand !


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On 5/21/2020 at 10:43 AM, Titan1962 said:

Well as usual they can’t see more than 2ft in front of them. Bike rider needs to take responsibility,the lady was on the road. He had time by the looks of it to avoid hitting her. Plus he didn’t stop because he was going to have to fork out some cash. 

You are not wrong there !

My gf  had a  bright striped golfing umbrella whipped from her hands by wind and land on a road . 15 seconds passed by the time we got to the edge of the road. Another 10 seconds passed as we watched a  Thai in a Mu7  approach or she would have run out  to get it ,  he did not not even try to break or avoid this big bright umbrella  and simply run it over !

Hard to fathom !!


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