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U.S. orders 300 million doses of potential COVID-19 vaccine

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Oxford University calls for 10,000 volunteers as coronavirus vaccine testing enters next stage

Bill Gardner
The Telegraph22 May 2020

Oxford University scientists leading the global search for a coronavirus vaccine are to recruit "very healthy" over-55s to help with clinical trials.

The next phase of testing will focus on how older adults' immune systems respond, the Oxford vaccine group said on Friday.

Scientists are looking for 10,260 people from across the UK to take the jab, considered a front-runner in the world race for a vaccine.


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An off topic post and a reply has been removed. 

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On 5/22/2020 at 2:12 AM, Crazy Alex said:

Trump should talk up this potential vaccine. It would be fun to watch leftists automatically hate it. They literally cannot help themselves.

Why do you say that?  The malaria drug and lightening yourself from the inside, and shooting bleach has worked wonders 

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 No stocks reported in this company ,as far as I can tell 

He does have a trust(which he doesn't manage and is perfectly allowed. It is Dodge and Cox international mutual fund that invests in many stocks!

One of those stocks D & C invests in is Sanofl one is Astra and many more. !

The fund has lost share value since the beginning of the years!


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