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CCSA approves extension of emergency for a month

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If the numbers are true at single digit or zero cases why is the emergency still needed unless the numbers arent correct . 

Because this is not about the numbers or the virus, this is about control and the government are seeing how far they can push people before they start to push back. In reality, there is no virus relat

In the words of Sir John Dalberg-Acton "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

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CCSA approves extension of ....

... How to finish and destroy the economy of a country.

Have this Government  any plan to inyect money apart of these 5000Thb for a few people?


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obviously all of the provisions in the state of emergency can't be extended as businesses are already approved to open. It would be nice for those of us stuck outside our province to be able to get home without having to quarantine for two weeks however

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1 minute ago, ftpjtm said:

It was posted 6 days ago.


Fabulous 103fm was loading pick up trucks with food supplies for the food donors at 10-12 TODAY!



This video was posted on Youtube on May the 4th.

Im not saying people are going hungry - I am sure they are. Was just requesting a source. 

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8 minutes ago, eeworldwide said:


I did post an incorrect link, looks like you clicked it before I corrected it. 


Watch the 6 day old video, it talks about what they're doing this afternoon because 10's of thousands are forced into destitution by ongoing business closures. 



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1 hour ago, johnmcc6 said:

The rich need the time to scope out buying opportunities from the thousands of distressed and failed business's.  The carpet baggers are about to swoop. Many Chinese are waiting in the wings to clean up whats left.

And you know this how?

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2 hours ago, herwin1234 said:

Most Thai ppl support and understand the emergency. Just look around how positively everybody wears a mask and wash hands. There is no "boot on the throats of people". We leave that hyperbolic language better for the usa...

Agreed. Here in Michigan this radical lefty of a governor is using draconian lockdown orders as bad as Thailand’s. Probably only until election and the economy officially tanks, though.

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