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Tears and heartbreak as flight ban keeps farang-Thai families apart

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Exactly, but the longstanding truth that I noticed within the first year of living here (and that has only really gotten worse, and that most people refuse to believe) is that Thailand is for Thai peo

You seriously think that's what I meant? read again...   -----   Of course, every Thai should be permitted home - that is a basic human right. As is the right for a family to be to

Tough but understandable move by the government. The Thais knew what they were dealing with and responded appropriately. Yes, some foreigners would have respected the  self isolation requirements

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3 minutes ago, Mama Noodle said:


How does allowing non-Thai people married to a local with a family to return and quarantine just like the Thais are (and pay for it themselves) increasing the risk of spreading anything? 


They would be in quarantine. 

Limiting entry to only Thai Nationals decreases to risk of the WuFlu being imported.


lol @ Quarantine... I'll bet that can easily be negotiated !!

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3 minutes ago, scorecard said:

In other words, a logical and careful step by step action to relieve these situations, and compassion, are not in your DNA! Your sad.

A foreigner allowed entry that has the WuFlu goes onto infect 10 other people..... Yeah I have compassion for those innocently infected.

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4 minutes ago, Mama Noodle said:


The part where you keep disregarding the 14 day quarantine for all arrivals, Thai and Non-Thai. 


The part that, you know, stops the chance for further infections. 

As a standalone action quarantining people alone does not eliminate the chances of further spreading.

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