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UK to introduce quarantine for international arrivals from June 8

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Better late then never, and with the UK 36,000+ death so far some serious and strict measures has to be taken i guess...

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56 minutes ago, Matzzon said:

Really? It´s UK that is way too late. Look at the Thai figures, and the fact that they implemented the mandatory quarantine before there were 10k´s of dead people around them.


This is really late! It took them this long to get their thumbs out of their <deleted>, and you are comparing that to Thailand. Are you from the UK and over the top patriotic by any chance? 😉


France, Spain, Italy, Belgium - all did so fantastic at managing this - not.


Are you from the EU by any chance?


I think he's making the point that it's the UK that are too little too late not Thailand. And that closing the borders seems to prove more effective.

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