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UK to introduce quarantine for international arrivals from June 8

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After 1.5million people from everywhere in the world have arrived already since March...stables and doors spring to mind.

Just an other example of how badly Boris and the Tories have handled this crisis. Almost every single country in the world have introduced some sort of quarantine but it's taken the UK months to adopt

More anti-immigrant rubbish.

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56 minutes ago, Matzzon said:

Really? It´s UK that is way too late. Look at the Thai figures, and the fact that they implemented the mandatory quarantine before there were 10k´s of dead people around them.


This is really late! It took them this long to get their thumbs out of their <deleted>, and you are comparing that to Thailand. Are you from the UK and over the top patriotic by any chance? 😉


France, Spain, Italy, Belgium - all did so fantastic at managing this - not.


Are you from the EU by any chance?


I think he's making the point that it's the UK that are too little too late not Thailand. And that closing the borders seems to prove more effective.

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