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Biden apologizes for saying radio host 'ain't black' if undecided about U.S. election

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Had Trump said the opposite this thread, IMO, would be full of outraged anti Trumpers telling us how racist he is. So far nothing on those lines. Perhaps it depends on which way one votes as to how ra

All Biden has to do to win in November is KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT! I guess he's not capable of even that little thing. SMH!

Is Biden secretly working for Trump?   Trump 2020 guaranteed!

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2 minutes ago, Cryingdick said:


That statement became less true the moment Machine Gun Joe said it. He only lost votes, if you think that statement gained him votes you are crazy. He isn't woke enough.

I just can't STAND it when I agree with you!!!

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Biden apologizes for saying radio host 'ain't black' if undecided about U.S. election

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9 minutes ago, Jingthing said:

This is simply no big deal. 

45 does much worse several times a day. 

Biden only has to be not 45.

45 in his campaign often said to his black people what do you have to lose by trying him out. 

We know the answer now.

Their lives.

Any black person that would even consider voting for 45 now may well be black but that's about all the positives you can say about them. 


I don't think too many Black folks will vote for Trump, though there will be some. The damage Biden made for himself is that he gave more than he can afford to lose a reason to stay home on election day.  He's suppressing his own voting bloc.


Seen on Twitter:  "every three weeks Biden exits the basement, tells people not to vote for him, and disappears again".






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3 minutes ago, Curt1591 said:

Old Joe doesn't pick squat. 


Everybody knows the deal is rotten, old black Joes still picking cotton


For your ribbons and bows and everybody knows. - Cohen

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