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Covid plus lack of democracy ‘spells disaster’ for Thailand

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great piece and hits the nail right bang center on the head 

If you want an example of democratic power gone off the rails, just look at the UK.  That place is a mad house of over bearing Police, incompetent Central Bankers, Civil Servants  and politicians, wit

Since 1932 Thailand has had 25 generals election, 20 constitutions, 19 coups d’etat,   the last one in 2014. Maths speaks for itself...

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4 hours ago, BritManToo said:

COVID has shown 'lack of democracy' in almost every country.

Why pick on Thailand?

ding ding.


the illusion is no more.

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24 minutes ago, herwin1234 said:

very well said! 

This expert is a Pro Democracy activist, even he has to admit how well this current pm is dealing with the crisis.


it was telling to watch the weeklongs protests and rioting of the Isan Red Shirts a decade ago in Bangkok.  When the governement didnt take the bait but let them wreck havoc on Bkk for weeks, as a last resort these Red Shirts burned down Central and other buildings. They dont want to protest or real democracy, they just want to divide, play the victim, etc.

Thanks to this current pm Thailand has been SAVED from economic collapse, division, instead every year economy up, and stability. Isan cities now and ten years ago, all have seen tremendous economic growth. 

There is Democracy in Thailand, but not the divisive and corosive democracy like in many western countries like the usa. 

at the risk of a circle of self congratulation, well said to you too. 

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6 minutes ago, sammieuk1 said:

Full metal jacket committee at the wheel-tapers and shunters club🤔

well maybe, but that 'committee' is making you and all of us jump through  as many hoops as they can dream up.  So who are the dummies here? 

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1 minute ago, Mung said:

when was the last time you saw civilians in the UK picking up guns, joining one of 2 sides made up of tens of thousands, and shooting each other in the capital during a political conflict? 

Is that your only measure of a failed democracy?  When have you seen that in Russia, which is hardly a beacon of that way to govern?  

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