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Covid plus lack of democracy ‘spells disaster’ for Thailand

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great piece and hits the nail right bang center on the head 

If you want an example of democratic power gone off the rails, just look at the UK.  That place is a mad house of over bearing Police, incompetent Central Bankers, Civil Servants  and politicians, wit

Since 1932 Thailand has had 25 generals election, 20 constitutions, 19 coups d’etat,   the last one in 2014. Maths speaks for itself...

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  • 5 months later...

In 2015:-


"Democracy will never die from Thailand because I am a democratic soldier but I stay in power because I want democracy to survive” - General Prayuth Chan-O-Cha


My attempt at humour for the day. 🤣

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The biggest piggy bank in any country is the Treasury, which is why the corrupt all want to get their hands on it. Dictators steal it outright, in democracies the rich bankroll the politicians to deliver it to them, in quasi democracies the politicians buy votes to get their own hands on it.


The constitution here is always being changed to ensure various groups can hang on to power...and control the treasury. Controlling the treasury creates not millionaires but billionaires, of course regardless what parasite gets control the country always eventually goes bankrupt.


It is always about follow the money.

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