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Ex-US Marine arrested last month over Bangkok bomb scare, arrested again in Pattaya

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Ex-US Marine arrested last month over Bangkok bomb scare, arrested again in Pattaya



Image: Ruksiam News


A former US Marine who last month was arrested in Bangkok after what was described as a ‘suspicious’ package was left outside the US embassy, was arrested again on Friday night after causing a disturbance at a condo in Pattaya.


Police were called after 35-year-old Lucas William McCamy caused damage to property and was behaving in an aggressive manner. 


Police initially tried to talk and reason with Mr McCamy but to no avail. He was eventually restrained and taken into custody.


A video shared on Thai social media, showed Mr McCamy tell police: “I have guns, lots of guns”.


In April, Mr McCamy was arrested following a report he left a ‘suspicious package’ outside the US embassy in Pathumwan.


Bomb disposal experts were called but no dangerous device was found. 


On that occasion, Mr McCamy wasn’t charged with any offence but was sent for psychiatric evaluation. 


In March, he was arrested in Pattaya after causing a public disturbance and was reportedly found to be in possession of a taser.


Mr McCamy was known to have been working as an English teacher in Chonburi as recently as February of this year.

Source: Ruksiam News



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-05-23


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