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Renting a house

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I am planning to move from Central Thailand to Chiang Rai area. Has anyone living there a reliable estate agent to recommend who can speak English. I am not planning to buy a house but long term rent between 10,000 to 20,000 THB/mth. Does it seem a realistic figure for a detached house, 2 bedrooms and a good size garden? It doesn't have to be in CR, it can be outside but at a reasonable distance from supermarket (+/- 10 km).

Thanks for your recommendation

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Better to stay in a short term rental room...while you personally checkout the available "by-owner" Chiang Rai rental signs placed on available rentals property gates and fences.


Real estate agents are infamous for posting non-existent rental property to get you in their office...it is called "bait & switch).


Good Luck.

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When I first arrived in Chiang Rai I contacted several Real Estate agents looking for a 10k rental. Apparently non were available anywhere within the province!  My guess is the amount was too low for them to even look at managing.


Interestingly enough, after deciding that Chiang Khong (Chiang Rai / Huay Xai Laos border town) suited me a bit better and making a few Thai friends there they helped me find several 'empty house' rentals for 4k-5k price range that worked out just fine, while I looked for more permanent housing.  


(I say "whole house" because the Thai friends also showed me row-house and abandoned hotel accommodations that made me question the friendship).

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