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UK says PM's adviser did not break lockdown rules with 400 km drive

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2 minutes ago, Chomper Higgot said:

Now the people who should be afraid are those who reveal wrong doing by somebody with friends in high places.



I'll remain open minded until any alleged wrongdoing has been established beyond reasonable doubt.


Where did you stand when plod & the BBC pulled a similar stunt on Cliff Richard? Have you forgotten the outcome?


'But that's different'?

Not yet it isn't!

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Did you read the story? He wanted to get rid of the kid by dumping him on the grandparents 260 miles away. He had been in contact with a known Covid case (johnson) and both he and his wife had symptom

Misleading headline - the UK has not exonerated him; he is clearly guilty of contravening guidelines. The only ones in a position of authority who are supporting him are those desperately trying to po

By his aged parents when the kid was possibly Covid+? He could have employed an agency nurse to look after the kid at home. Might say to you "good father", to me it says "lousy father, lousy son and e

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48 minutes ago, vogie said:

Shock, horror and go to the foot of our stairs, what father would not want to be with his child whilst his mother was ill. 

Ill with COVID19!!!!


exactly the reason FOR lockdown.



2 hours ago, rooster59 said:

as his wife was ill with COVID-19 and there was a "high likelihood" that Cummings would himself become unwell.


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1 minute ago, elliss said:


 The Law is  quite clear . 

   What ever one's  Political position , or political party .

    Justice , must be carried out . 

     Resignation , expected soon ..



OK, you have kids?  Leave them with social services/Barnardos or your mum and dad...... ?

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5 minutes ago, vogie said:

Most decent people would say that taking care of your wife and child is very acceptable, but trying to score cheap political points out of it is nothing worse than despicable.

Why did he and his wife hide it? And what about Kinnock - do you have a problem with one of them, both of them or neither of them?

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