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UK says PM's adviser did not break lockdown rules with 400 km drive

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1 hour ago, elliss said:


        Vinny .

Just a tad off topic , what is your friend Nigel F. up to these days .?

  Dont , be shy .  I voted for you once,  silly me ..

      When is the next lodge meeting , in Udon  @ JB , again ..

      Too many farlang  <deleted> heads and brain dead Kindlers , in attendance ..

     May i humbly suggest , we try KFC..



I have no idea what you talking about 

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Did you read the story? He wanted to get rid of the kid by dumping him on the grandparents 260 miles away. He had been in contact with a known Covid case (johnson) and both he and his wife had symptom

Misleading headline - the UK has not exonerated him; he is clearly guilty of contravening guidelines. The only ones in a position of authority who are supporting him are those desperately trying to po

By his aged parents when the kid was possibly Covid+? He could have employed an agency nurse to look after the kid at home. Might say to you "good father", to me it says "lousy father, lousy son and e

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