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UK says PM's adviser did not break lockdown rules with 400 km drive

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6 minutes ago, KhaoNiaw said:

Can you point to the evidence where Cummings' wife says her piece on Radio 4 was edited and misrepresented by the BBC?

A question best reserved for his wife (& see #131)

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Did you read the story? He wanted to get rid of the kid by dumping him on the grandparents 260 miles away. He had been in contact with a known Covid case (johnson) and both he and his wife had symptom

Misleading headline - the UK has not exonerated him; he is clearly guilty of contravening guidelines. The only ones in a position of authority who are supporting him are those desperately trying to po

By his aged parents when the kid was possibly Covid+? He could have employed an agency nurse to look after the kid at home. Might say to you "good father", to me it says "lousy father, lousy son and e

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1 hour ago, KhaoNiaw said:

There you go. If you listen to his wife's piece on Radio 4 it's absolutely clear they broke the rules that applied to everyone else. And if they thought it was ok why did she pretend they'd been in London the whole time? 

Here is the original Radio recording Published April 25th Here piece starts at 1:48 and lasts for 12 minutes at no point is location mention during the recording so no case of pretending to be in London or elsewhere


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32 minutes ago, jimmyswale said:

More holes than a sieve...he went to and fro from Durham to London twice and even the Spectator saying he must go. Going to be an interesting week. Talk on Twitter Guardian/Mirror are holding stuff back to set a trap into which he and his supporters have conveniently fell even Guido's starting to fall away. The kept back second trip will be his undoing  - all the cabinet ministers were sent out to bat on a sticky wicket he will be gone by Wednesday at the latest. 






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9 hours ago, Chomper Higgot said:

It’s not quite that simple.


Putting aside the obvious and real risk of this idiot spreading the disease, the Government he advises has enacted restrictions of movement that has cause severe hardship for millions of people.


And yet here Gove is defending someone who refuses to abide by the rules the Government have put in place.


It stinks of privilege for the few in contempt of the many.



Like the farmers who wanted to import hundreds of untested eastern European fruit pickers when there were thousands of unemployed British workers looking for work,still they"probably "weren,t infected.

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5 hours ago, 7by7 said:


As I asked earlier, why did Cummings and his wife break self isolation; could Cummings' sister not travel to London to collect the child?

Ah, OK, now you are suggesting that in special cases its OK to 'break' the lock down rules.


Thanks for the clarification.

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6 hours ago, 7by7 said:


Scotland has different rules to England; indeed all the four nations of the UK have their own rules regarding Covid 19.


Neither London nor Durham are in Scotland, they are both in England. If Cummings went from London to Durham via any part of Scotland, then he travelled a lot more than 260 miles!

Remote working in Scotland remains the default, they are encouraging people to stay at home.


"Iain Stewart, who is one of those leading the charge in Orkney’s fight against the virus, and encourages residents to avoid nonessential travel.............."


Just wondered how many on hear would consider these trips to and from the mainland unnecessary when he has a perfectly good place to stay on Orkney?

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As you see how disgusting way # 10 is closing ranks in Cummings defence , why should any one from now respecting any rules in case the virus as long as you have a good reason for yourself to break it ...... that is the flip side (unwanted ) message of their defense on him they give .


Reading and seeing U.K. newspapers & Television reactions  

I wonder what would happen if the common people would start such a movement.... 

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