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Tens of thousand of Thailand’s sex workers left out of pocket due to COVID-19

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Tens of thousand of Thailand’s sex workers left out of pocket due to COVID-19



Image: Thai Rath


Thai Rath reported that times were tough for the country's sex workers with many without any money for food and shelter or for their families. 


They were the first hit by losing their regular line of work as the pandemic started and they are likely to be among the last that can go back to work.


In addition the government has given them little assistance. 


The media spoke to Empower social worker Thanta Laowilawanyakun who said that the situation for many sex workers was dire.


Only a few qualified for government 5,000 baht handouts. Most had no money at all, no recourse to work, no money for food, no money to buy infant milk formula, no roofs over their heads and no money to repay debts.


The situation was particularly desperate for prostitutes from neighboring countries who have no Thai ID, no home to go to and cannot cross the border to their families.


The best that many sex workers could do is those that could get 5,000 baht might take in those that couldn't and pool resources.


Some had resorted to selling things online.


Thanta said 100,000 people were in serious trouble.


Empower had made representations to the government on their behalf but that was largely falling on deaf ears.


Thailand’s sex workers are not officially recognised as part of the work force for legal reasons leaving them particularly susceptible to hardship during bad times. 

Source: Thai Rath



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-05-23
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