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Insulin from excellent pharmacy on the beach

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Being a Type 1 diabetic and having a longer stint here than expected, I was running out of insulin and was trying to find somewhere easily accessible by foot in Jomtien. I just wanted to note this, as I had looked on here previously for info on Insulins and Pharmacies, but didn't find too much that was helpful, hence this post.


I did try Fascino after seeing that mentioned on here, but they had a wait on one of the insulins and I would have had to go in twice, once to prepay and then to pickup. Credit cards or bank transfer was not an option. Plus it was a good hike from where I am.


I tried a few others, by phone or internet without any luck. Most of the time, I got no response, till I tried PloyFany pharmacy on Jomtien Beach, who replied right away on Messenger. The pharmacist Ploy was extremely accommodating and patient. Excellent English, and I was eventually able to order my insulins and other supplies. I could also have prepaid a deposit with a bank transfer to save me going along, but as it was reasonably close and on the beach, I did walk along.


Price wasn't a factor in my decision in any way, but as it happened, she was cheaper than Fascino too.


My insulins were Lantus and Humalog and she also had N95 masks and gels.


Best experience I've had at any pharmacy in any country.


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