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Impact of Changing Banks On Retirement Extension Of Stay

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9 minutes ago, EricTh said:

I just gave my tax coupon slip from past years as proof.

Krungsri was telling me that if I show them this years's refund then they might be able to do it for me.  I had assumed they meant a check as I had never heard of this coupon.  I had thought that a check would not really solve the problem but this coupon thing makes it sound much more promising. 


Problem is I have not received the coupon despite filing on Jan 3rd and a follow visit in February to clear up a very minor issue on my filing.   I had been thinking the long delay might have been due to COVID-19 issues but it's been just too long now. 


So I guess I need another trip to the Revenue Office.  I really don't want to change banks.   Over the years, the people at my branch have tried to be very helpful,  they know my face, etc.


Thanks for the heads up about the coupon as this gives me confidence that if I can produce the coupon that it will solve my problem.   

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