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Exclusive: 86 year old British expat left "starving and mistreated" by Thai family on his way home to UK

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Exclusive: 86 year old British expat left "starving and mistreated" by Thai family on his way home to UK




The family of an 86 year old British man rescued from a squalid room earlier in the week claim he was left starving and mistreated by a Thai family after he moved to Thailand around seven years ago.


But now they hope his ordeal is finally over and that he will soon be reunited with loved ones in the UK after a crowd fund was set up.


Now the man at the center of the drama has told Thaivisa that his days of being with Thai women are over. He still loves Thailand and wants to come back - but only for his dog he looks set to leave behind.


British expat Declan James Theodore told Thaivisa earlier in the week that he had rescued Ron from a Thai family in Samut Sakhon after he moved there from Udon. 


It was claimed that his pension money was being siphoned off and he was living on a makeshift bed made from an old blanket and pallets in an upstairs room.


Declan had responded to an urgent request for help from his family on an expat forum.


He met no resistance from the family and the police did not get involved and Ron was taken to recover in a resort south of Hua Hin while thousands of pounds was sought for his expatriation. 


Now in an exclusive interview Ron's daughter Marion Phillips has spoken about her father.


She said: "He is coming home Sunday, fingers crossed if flights are not cancelled. I can't thank Declan enough - he's rescued my dad and put him in a safe place and helped him get his strength back".


Mrs Phillips said that her father went to Thailand six or seven years ago after his partner had died.


He was happy at first with a Thai woman but after they parted and he struck up a relationship with another Thai woman things soon turned ugly.


"He got friendly with another Thai lady and was happy living in Udon but she wanted him to move about a year ago and that is when things went very wrong for my dad," Mrs Phillips told our reporter by Messenger.


"He wasn't cared for very well and was always starving. He would give her his bank card to get food but he never had enough food or water.


"He was being very mistreated and lost so much weight. I don't really know the Thai woman but he never married".


Elsewhere on Facebook a post by Miriam Bryer who called Ron's rescuer a "superhero in disguise" said she heard by chance that Ron was related to a friend.


She took her dog to visit him, believed to be at a resort where he is staying, to provide moral support and "dog cuddles".


Declan earlier in the week said that he had raised more than £1000 of a £2000 target to help the old pensioner.


While providing Thaivisa with an update on events, it emerged that Declan was in the car with the man at the center of the drama.


Ron said in a clear voice: "I am very relieved and happy to be going home. 


"I'm still crying," said the war veteran and former Brighton cabbie who is suffering from a serious spinal complaint.


"I still love Thailand and I want to come back - I have a dog here that I love very much.


"But I am not going to get involved with any Thai women again".


Declan said that a once a week EVA flight had been booked and medical certificates were being obtained to allow Ron to fly.


He would be met by family in England. The family did not want the police in Thailand to get involved, he said.


He said he was going to close down the crowdfunding account and said he didn't know how much was in it.


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-05-24
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