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Why is 7 Eleven requiring customers to register before entry?

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Hello All,


Within the past day, all of the 7 elevens in our town have started requiring ALL customers, including Thais, to sign their name and write their phone number in a book. Another option is to use the QR code with your cell phone. I'm assuming this is COVID related, but noticed that none of the other stores (Tesco or Mini C) are doing this. There is a sign posted that says "Required by government".

Would anyone by chance, have a link to whatever law is now requiring this? Has anyone else experienced this in 7-11 or other stores? I'm just curious as to why they have started this all of a sudden.


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2 minutes ago, Crossy said:

Don't worry, the other stores will be starting soon.


It is indeed part of the government's covid-19 tracking system.


The only place I've been in recently that didn't need it was our local Mom and Pop shop (they have a sign and seating outside to use if it's "crowded") and one of our local Seven's (the one on the other side of the road requires the QR registration).


You will need to get used to it or shop online.

So you don't have the paper option? 

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1 minute ago, Crossy said:


If you wish to use the same pen as the other 10,000 users, the paper option is there. I use my phone because I know who's touched it and it gets an alcohol wipe occasionally.


I think I will carry my own pen, as the previous reply stated.

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