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Fermented fish: Don't eat it raw as it is full of dangerous tapeworms

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I love my fish,but it’s gotta be fresh.

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21 minutes ago, EvetsKram said:

I read an article only last week saying 12% of all cancers in Thailand are from fermented fish. 

Is there a clear connection where cancer comes from?

I.e. if someone has lung cancer, are the cigarettes, which a smoker smoked a decade ago, before he stopped smoking, responsible? As far as I know there is no clear connection.

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12 minutes ago, Moonlover said:

They really don't need to go into such detail as you suggest. The locals are well aware of this problem and are frequently reminded of the dangers. But, as the article says, 'This is unlikely to hold much sway with north easterners'. {snipped}

I don't see why not.

They were keen to tell us there were 73 markets in 29 provinces, but not how many were contaminated.


Having said that, I've just looked at the Sanook page and realised (via google translate) the Thai article does give details.

It's TV that haven't added any of those:


"9.58% of flukes and foliage were found (7/73)
Most of them are found in pickled fish and are specimens collected from Si Sa Ket, Sakon Nakhon, Khon Kaen, Mukdahan and Udon Thani."


It goes into a lot more detail than that too.



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1 hour ago, thedemon said:
1 hour ago, Captain_Bob said:

If anything should be learned by the Corona pandemic it's to stop eating garbage i.e. raw flesh and rotten  animal-based "sauce". Stick with hot cooked food, canned food, frozen packed food, fresh hygienically washed produce. Not implying what specifically caused Coronavirus, but at least stop ingesting raw rotten garbage and calling it "food". People in modern countries go to charming novelty Thai restaurants and think they are eating "real" Thai food but don't know the truth. What many baan-nok chao-ban folks eat here barely qualifies as "food". Pla-ra is just another extreme example of what some people are willing to put in their mouth. 


Depends on perspective. Your description could apply to cheese.


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