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Is it Thailand visa policy as bad as European people say

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35 minutes ago, Trolleen said:

1. When corona virus came. Thailand allow many foreigners stay in till 31.07.2020. 

Other countries in Europe do not have that policy. Just example Norway efter look down said that all foreigners have to leave a country in 2 days.

Why does mean that Thailand is acting so badly?


35 minutes ago, Trolleen said:

2. Thailand introduce elite visa . Any one who have money can buy it and stay in this country forever.

The Elite visa is not a lifetime visa and it was introduced years ago, it has no connection to the Covid-19 outbreak.   All visas have requirements that have to be met after which they are available to anyone, including the Elite visa.


Trolleen, does your country have visa/entry regulations that foreigners have to meet or does it let anyone in regardless of their financial position?

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<removed> Thai bath is high now. But it is good for simple people who want to travel in other countries.

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29 minutes ago, Trolleen said:

Scandinavian country say people have to leave a country in 2 days!!! Thailand allow anyone to stay 31.07.2020.

New Zealand and Australia want you deposit in bank 1.000.000dollar in order to live in the country.

Thailand say pay 20.000.000 baht  then you get visa for 20 years. Cheap!!!! Leave here as long as you wish.

Is it not generous?

Are NZ and Thailand are just the same, other than that the difference in visa-cost?

Charging more for a "visa" than the cost of rent for the same period is insane.


The 20M Baht is SPENT, not invested, btw.  As in, light it on fire - it's GONE.  Much better to put 800K in the bank for retirement - but n/a if you are under 50. 


All those under 50 w/ good incomes offshore have to spend their money in other countries, instead, thanks to Thailand's "crackdowns" against their spending here.  That's a  Lose-Lose for the expats and the Thai people.

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9 minutes ago, JackThompson said:

Yes, and the health minister called us "dirty farangs."  The Govt is pro-CCP.


Many flights were cancelled, so many could not leave - hence the extensions of stay.  Under the initial policy, Immigration demanded a letter from their embassy for Tourist-type entries - though the published rules said you did not need one in this case.  


They also made these extensions "under consideration" - so you had to attend overcrowded immigration offices TWICE.  Some immigration-offices added yet MORE hurdles, like "bring your landlord" and landlord-documents that are often impossible to obtain.


Only after the pictures of huge crowds went viral, did the Thai govt Force Immigration to extend all entries to July 31 - because it was the Height Of Hypocrisy to make group-gatherings illegal, while the Immigration Division was Forcing group-gatherings.


Thailand offers a "buy a visa" program which gives you, essentially, a glorified Tourist Visa at a price that is completely out of whack to the cost of living in Thailand. 


No - the vast majority of Chinese Tourists come on "package tours" and spend their money ONLY at specific "connected" (Chinese owned) businesses, including budget-hotels.  Elsewhere, they jam the streets with tour-buses, and pack the sidewalks with "gawkers" who buy nothing from small businesses.


"Budget" Western tourists, by contrast, stay at small guest houses and frequent small businesses, who have a much higher Thai-Employee: Customer ratio.  Entire sois of businesses were boarded up, each time Immigration "cracked down" on Western visitors. 

Immigration has a "good guys in, bad guys out" policy - which means, Pay Us Off with an Agent (which any criminal would), and you are a "good" guy.  But if you do things "by the book" - you are a "bad" guy, who is often put through the ringer.


No where is this policy more evident, than the immigration-office serving Pattaya - especially if staying here to support Thai family. 

Every myth in the lexicon there. 😃

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